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Mayfest Community!

Join hansonmayfest05 if you're going to Mayfest! Post travel info, fan gathering information, and anything else Mayfest-related in there. I just made it & it's my first shot at a community. Suggestions are very welcome, and have fun! I just thought it would be easier to have all the info in one place. :)

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Vote for Hanson!!! Please!!

Hello everybody here!

Spanish fans need your help! We have a music program in Spain called Música 1, and there's a list like in every program but Hanson are on place 29 from 31!! The thing is that they only count one vote for each person so we can only vote once and we are not so many fans in Spain

Here's the information:

link ---->

Nombre: Name
E-mail de contacto: E-mail address
Localidad: City
País: Country
Sobre la selección: About the selection.
Selecciona una opción: Chose an option (here is where you have to look for "Hanson - Underneath"
Enviar: Send
Solo se contabiliza un voto por persona: We can only count one vote for each person.

Hanson need your help in Spain please!

Thanx for the colaboration
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Since this community hasn't been quite alive for quite sometime now (and I'm not complaining - the mods have their reasons), I've started a new community out of play_by's request.


More members are totally needed and I'm sure it'll be quite fun.

First challenge will be posted tommorow.

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A few people only voted once. The list is at the bottom of this post. It is only fair for everyone to vote the same amount of times. Please comment ON THIS POST with the URL to the second icon that you would like to vote for. (To find the url, right click on the icon>>properties>>copy and paste the URL.)

LINK to post with all of the choices.

The following people only voted once:

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