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Contest #14

sorry about the MS Paint graphic, eeek.

Contest #14;

This contest will be a bit different. This time around(no pun intended) it will include making a banner (header) and an icon. The banner and icon that win will be used for the community. The icon and the banner must match. All contest entries must be in by Sunday, November 28th, at 7pm (Eastern time).

Remember (look at the userinfo as well.);

  • You can pick the picture for both the icon and the banner, as long as they are recent (2003-NOW) and match in some way.

  • Post the banner and the icon in the same entry please.

  • Please use an lj-cut when posting your entry.

  • The Banner:
  • The banner must be no bigger than 600x300 pixels, but can be smaller. (Use your best judgement.)

  • Somewhere on the banner (preferebly not too big), it needs to say ""

    The Icon
  • The icon must say "hansoncontest" somewhere on it. Any other additional text can be added, as long as "hansoncontest" is noticable.

  • The icon has to fit livejournal standards

  • -->File size must be less than 40k
    -->Image dimensions must be no larger than 100x100 pixels (They can be smaller, but please don't make them extremely small. Use your best judgement. )
    -->File format must be either PNG, GIF or JPG

  • Don't comment with your entry, post in a new entry.

  • Be Creative!

  • If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions for Contest 15, please comment here.
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