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Hanson Contest

The Hanson Contest
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for Hanson fans (of course)! Different contests will be put up (normally each week). Contests are normally icon contests, but sometimes there will be other contests for people to join in!

1. One entry per person per contest.
2. Keep icons within lj guidelines (40kb or under, 100x100 or under, and .jpg, .png, or .gif!)
3. Put large images under lj-cuts.
4. Do not comment with your contest entry unless I ask you to in the specific rules for that certain contest. Make a seperate entry!
5. Don't steal the graphics/icons that others make. Ask them to use it (and then give credit)!
6. Don't vote for yourself. And of course, make sure you vote!
7. Please do not lobby or request votes. It is disrepectful to other icon makers.

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Owner of community is ginnski
Co-mods are pamelajoy, plasticpop, and likeliberation

Thank you pamelajoy for the layout.
And thanks plasticpop for the paid account!